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Pretend play was created in 2014 in Montreal, Canada. Rosalie Lemay aka ROZA, founder and sole designer, is a multidisciplinary artist considered a trail blazer veteran in her field. Self taught and not afraid of pushing back the boundaries of stereotypical fashion, she birthed Pretend play to turn her twisted thoughts into wearable art. Pretend play, formally known as COOLKOALA, started off as a boutique on the 3rd level of the legendary City Styles on Saint-Catherine street in Montreal. Painted from floor to ceiling by local artists Jason Botkin, Cryote, Michael and Jeremy Shantz, Olivier Bonnard and Lindsay Campbell and many more, the now retired space was a unique 

Harvesting inspiration from political issues, visual art, worldwide subcultures, music and movies, Rosalie creates one of a kind pieces for individuals who are ready to think outside the box and embrace their uniqueness. Diagnosed with ADHD late in life, she was still able to build an empire and conquer Montreal's DIY up-cycling scene. Although ADHD is a constant challenge in her personal and professional life, Rosalie continuously adapts to better her art. Channelling her neurodivergence to the best of her ability, her attention to detail and continuous need for novelty made her a true innovator in the fashion world, but an outcast and misunderstood alien in the business world. 

Redefining reality through creative fashion, Rosalie has been able to now carry the brand worldwide through word of mouth and social media presence. Local and international celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Rico Nasty, DJ Karaba and Hubert Lenoir have been wearing and supporting her art, giving Pretend play a strong momentum in the music and performance scene. 

Rosalie is now working on creative projects from her home base in Montreal and is planning to move abroad to take over the world. Part of the profits made from Pretend play are donated directly to Black people, the native community, POC, the LGBTQIA2+ community and sex workers in need.